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Your inventory and billing systems define your company more than anything else. If the right system could save your business $500 per month or more (or increase revenue), contact us.

• Over 25 years of experience
• Our performance guarantee removes your risk.

While others talk of thinking outside the box, we actually do it. Whether you have special needs that can't be met with conventional software or you just need that extra competitive edge, contact me for a quote.
My Simple Office features
  • Fully customized billing and accounting systems starting at $8k. (we do all the work!)
  • Customized billing systems starting at $4K.
  • Converting spreadsheets into shared access apps as low as $1K.
  • Payroll and job cost systems.
  • Remote time card entry.
  • Podcast billing.
  • Inventory systems.
  • Serialized item tracking.
  • Document management.
  • Speech to Text.
  • Sales lead and contact management.
  • Simple or complex commission reports.
  • Order entry and billing systems.
  • Repetitive and batch billing.
  • Sales Tax tracking and reporting.
  • Hospital discharge software.
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android Android Access
Connect your Android directly to the server in your office. Allows service orders to be sent to the smart phone and allows images and recordings to be sent back to the document manager on your server. We do custom apps to fit your business. iPhone support coming!

Convert your Spreadsheets

We can translate your specific business needs into a solution that works for you and your staff. We use a set of core products that we modify or configure appropriately. We can also design complete solutions for scratch.
android Remote Time Card Entry
With Mobile, Remote, and Multi-User applications your business data can be gathered in a real time environment. Owners can stay in touch with all aspects of accounting including Sales, Job Cost, Inventory and payroll.

Illuminary Arts
...our partner in Web Integration

We're looking for businesses who don't want to spend $50k to $100k for a customized business solution.

We offer a complete accounting system, or we can blend in with your existing system.

Unique server software reduces cost and energy requirements.

Some of our customers have been with us for over 25 years.