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Olympic Hot Tub Company, Seattle, Washington.

A leading retailer of hot tubs and spas, Seattle, WA.

Requirements: Repeat (recurring) billing, serialized inventory, special sales reports, payables, integrated lead management, full accounting, and banking.

Users: about 30

It was taking 10 working days to process the thousands of customers per month for cleaning, maintenance, and other recurring services. There were 18 different billing cycles and the company wanted to add even more for better customer flexibility. They could find software that could handle the billing, but not the serialized inventory and accounting. The only other system besides MySimpleOffice that could handle both the inventory and billing requirements cost almost 10 times as much.

So we designed a custom billing module for the recurring billing that allowed them to have as many billing cycles as they wanted. We also handled the credit card charging. With MySimpleOffice, they doubled the amount billed per month and reduced the billing process to less than a day.

We also customized the serial inventory so that they could track every aspect of the repair and warranty history for every serialized item by linking sales, orders, purchasing, and manual notes to the serial number record. Special logic was also developed to handle the warranty repair shipments to the suppliers.

A custom sales leads program was designed to integrate with the rest of the system and special on screen sales reports were designed to help sales people keep track of which spas were in which stores, and pending delivery.


Oil Filter Services

Commercial oil filters and supplies in San Diego, CA.

Requirements: custom inventory with special cross referencing, custom quotations and billing, custom purchasing, accounting, payroll, banking.

Users: 4

Oil Filter Services needed a special cross referencing system to handle the match between purchases and sales. They also needed a system that could import the price sheets from the various manufacturers. The system had to be easy to use and easy to match inventory shortages of one type of item with other compatible items.

A special custom xref client (app) was designed to allow the owner to control how cross referencing would work so that employees who use the system will see the appropriate selections. A pricing worksheet was also developed to make it easier for employees to make phone quotes. A special import client (app) was developed that could import the different price sheet formats from the vendors.

We spent about two months going over the requirements and building the special apps needed. We imported the existing data and switched the system over in a single evening. The total cost for this system was under $12,000.


Himebaugh Drilling

Commercial and residential water wells, Arlington, WA

Requirements: custom quotations and billing, payables, inventory, accounting and banking.

Users: 1

The requirements for this company were fairly straight forward. In fact, QuickBooks or other standard systems would have worked fine. But Himebaugh Drilling has been a client for over 15 years and simply wanted to stay with our company. His primary need was to have us host his data and to enable his bookkeeper (who is out of state) to have access to his data. Furthermore, he didn't want to be bothered with having to figure out how to customize his quotes and invoices.

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