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Simple Office Solutions, Inc. has been involved in developing and providing real office solutions for all types of businesses since 1986.  We continue to work closely with business owners and their employees to provide optimized office solutions at low cost.

We have collected over 25 years of business applications and have put together a unique system for data input, storage, tracking, and retrieval.  Businesses that work with us are guaranteed to save time and money, or we won't take the job.  Our mission is to bring the advantages of high-power computer systems to small businesses.

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My Simple Office is our 3rd generation system.  We prefer working with small companies that have "big" ideas but don't want to spend "big" bucks.  Our server software provides a unique multi user solution that can incorporate the Internet for connectivity.  We have built this version on the knowledge gained from our earlier products – the Solutions Plus computer system and the SNAP product.  We are still in the process of converting some customers from the SNAP system to the more current version and are looking for new customers at this time.

We got our start in the 80's before the Intel 386 was out.  In those days, computer reliability was so bad that we actually hired a hardware company to build a mother board to our own specifications.  Our 1st product, the Solutions Plus system, was based on this and worked quite well.  In addition to being reliable, it had a built-in battery backup.

Our 2nd generation product, SNAP-2-IT, was based on DOS and was extremely efficient.  With reliable "386" computers, we focused strictly on software.   Now, with the MOS (My Simple Office) system, we supply our own server, which gives us complete control over the management and coordination of data, and communication with devices such as smart phones.

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We're looking for businesses who don't want to spend $50k to $100k for a customized business solution.

We offer a complete accounting system, or we can blend in with your existing system.

Unique server software reduces cost and energy requirements.

Some of our customers have been with us for over 25 years.